About Lancaster Door Service, LLC

Lancaster Door Service, LLC is a garage door specialist for residential, commercial, agricultural and industrial applications, proudly serving the Lancaster area. We would love for you to visit our showroom at 1851 Lincoln Hwy. East in Lancaster. There, our team can give you personalized advice in purchasing a garage door, an installation that meets the highest industry standards, and unequalled after-sales service thanks to our maintenance and repair program.

Specialist Office

Our full range of products also includes electric garage door openers as well as many other accessories to go with your garage door. Think of us when it comes to buying, installing or repairing any type of garage door.

We are ready to give you the fastest service in the industry. Our showroom is located at 1851 Lincoln Hwy. East in Lancaster and is open Monday to Friday from 7am to 4pm.

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I invite you to come and visit us, and on behalf of our entire team, I thank you for considering our company.

Kevin Weems


Lancaster Door Service, LLC

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